Ms. Beth Moore

Ms. Beth… that is what many call her.  She has authored countless bible studies, books, and is the founder of Living Proof Ministries.  She seeks hard after God and allows the world a front row seat at her redemption story, all while giving glory and fame where it is due, to God of course.  Never have I seen a woman walk out her faith journey in such a vulnerable, yet mighty way, which has spurred millions of women to seek the faithfulness of a good God for themselves.  I can tell you with all sincerity, if it weren’t for many of her studies, I would not be the person I am today.

Ms. Beth is every bit as genuine as you would think and she is an absolute joy to work with. It was an honor to spend a few hours with her and the team at Living Proof.  I am thrilled to know a few of these images are being used in her new study and first novel!  That is just a little bit of my own living proof that God can always do much more than we can imagine.  Thank you, Ms. Beth, for leading the way and setting a beautiful example for me and countless other women.