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Every Texas family needs a bluebonnet session at least once.  Loved this sweet family and the images we created for their new beautiful home.

Tomball Family

I was truly looking forward to this session at such a beautiful location.   Mom and I planned the details of this session so the clothing, the frames, the location, and the final artwork would compliement their new home perfectly!  The final portrait art looks stunning in her home and I know they will cherish these pieces for years to come.  This beautiful family was a joy to work with and can I just say… “look at that adorable little guy with the chubby cheeks!”

Ms. Beth Moore

Ms. Beth… that is what many call her.  She has authored countless bible studies, books, and is the founder of Living Proof Ministries.  She seeks hard after God and allows the world a front row seat at her redemption story, all while giving glory and fame where it is due, to God of course.  Never have I seen a woman walk out her faith journey in such a vulnerable, yet mighty way, which has spurred millions of women to seek the faithfulness of a good God for themselves.  I can tell you with all sincerity, if it weren’t for many of her studies, I would not be the person I am today.

Ms. Beth is every bit as genuine as you would think and she is an absolute joy to work with. It was an honor to spend a few hours with her and the team at Living Proof.  I am thrilled to know a few of these images are being used in her new study and first novel!  That is just a little bit of my own living proof that God can always do much more than we can imagine.  Thank you, Ms. Beth, for leading the way and setting a beautiful example for me and countless other women.







Endurance.  This was the character quality awarded to this young man yesterday at our school awards ceremony.  If you knew him and his story you would well up with tears as they announced it.  I could hear his mom cheering him on in my mind and I was deeply proud.

I have loved having “B,” as we call him, in our lives the passed few years. He is incredibly funny, he inspires me, and he has taught me about hope.  He will never let you know anything phases him, but he has truly endured and persevered much in the past several years. When I met him three years ago, his beautiful and strong mother Karen, was walking through pancreatic cancer. I was introduced to them through one of my close friends, who has known and loved them deeply for years.  Shortly after meeting them, Brian and my son began to grow closer and he spent lots of time at our home. We were never short of laughter when he was around and he fit right in.  We also had the privilege of being with his mom Karen often. Despite the painful journey she was walking through, she was always the one who inspired me every time I was with her.  I NEVER saw her falter in her faith, never heard her complain about what she was facing, her faith only got stronger. She was a fighter. She loved fiercely and I wished I had known her years before. As the disease progressed, she continued to speak life and love into those she knew right up until the day she went to heaven.  This all took place when B was just beginning high school, and it wasn’t even their first trial.   Karen had been a single mother for years and she lost another son tragically and suddenly a few years before.  I truly learned so many lessons as I walked beside them, lessons I couldn’t put into words here.

Brian worked hard, even when he didn’t feel like it.  He continued on in his school work, went on to play competitive soccer, and served at church. Despite the grief and transition, he continued to walk in hope. He also recently made the decision to attend The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in the fall and will play soccer for them!!! Tonight this special young man will walk across the stage and graduate, and we will celebrate along with those that have loved and supported him for years.

We are all incredibly proud of you, Brian. We believe in you, and we thank you for being such a joy in our lives!

“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.” Romans 5:3-4


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Memorials ~ The Duphorne Family


Getting to know so many families and their stories is, by far, my favorite part of my work. The Duphorne story is one that unfolded during the whole process of getting to know them, and was one I would not forget. Often families call me because they haven’t had portraits done in a while and they want to get some updates. My goal is to get them thinking about their story or legacy and what they want to memorialize.  I often think clients wonder if I am a bit strange over the phone. After all, they simply want some updated pictures of their kids or family, and then I start to bring up words like lasting and legacy. During my initial conversation with Cherie, I began asking about her family and what they enjoyed doing together. The tone in her voice lifted when she began to talk about how much they love to sail. I could hear the excitement in her voice when I said I would love to drive to their yacht club and photograph her family where they have made so many memories together, loving and living life out to the fullest.

On the day of our session, it was a beautiful evening and I could see the joy in each of their faces.  Darin was so proud of his beautiful family and couldn’t wait to show me his sailboat.  The name of their boat is “Necessity.”  Darin is a patent attorney so they got the name from the quote “Necessity is the mother of Invention.”  They named their dinghy/tender “Invention,” and their boat “Necessity,” would be the mother ship to “Invention.”  They also said sailing is a necessity to them, so it was the perfect name.

Both Darin and Cherie were sailors before they met.  Cherie grew up sailing and has very fond memories of weekends on the boat with her family, and Darin was on the sailing team at Texas A&M University. They have actually been members at their Yacht Club since 2002 when they bought their first boat, which was lost in Hurricane Ike. Since they’ve been married, they have sailed from Veracruz, Mexico to Corpus Christi. By far, their favorite place they’ve sailed, is the British Virgin Islands and they look forward to going back with their kids when they get older.

The story continued to unfold as I visited with the family during our order session. I love asking how long couples have been married and how they met.  I am crazy about a sweet love story.  I am not sure I was prepared to hear what she shared and I found myself tearing up on their couch as she talked.  Cherie had just turned 25 when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. She was single and thriving in her education and career. This was a devastating blow. Her parents stepped in to help her as she walked through treatment, and in Cherie’s words she said it was a scary time for them, as they watched their young daughter fight bone cancer.

Cherie finished treatment in July of 1995 and met Darin six months later in January of 1996. They met at church where Cherie could only attend at times when she was able during treatment.  She was just able to walk without crutches and traded them in for a cane.  She was beginning to gain some strength and began working part-time and started to think about “life” again.  Cherie and Darin hung out a lot in a group with other singles in their Bible study class at church. Darin in great health, Cherie in recovery and walking with a cane, but that didn’t deter Darin. They started dating in April of that same year and he proposed to her only ten months later in October of 1996.  I remember Cherie telling me she thought to herself at that time, if he will love me like this, walking with a cane and hoping to recover fully from cancer, he must really love me.  I had an immediate lump in my throat.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Unconditional love, just for who we are, not what we have to offer.

After choosing their images we began to look at the walls in their home for a place to display their wall portrait.  On a main wall in the living room hung a beautiful bridal portrait. You don’t see many bridal portraits still hanging in living rooms after 20 years of marriage. Cherie decided she would replace it with the new family portrait, but still wanted that portrait in view because it meant so much. Her bridal portrait was stunning, and while it looked like a typical setting for a bride, with some white columns behind, she shared with me that it was actually was taken at MD Anderson. This portrait served as a memorial to the miracle God did in her life as a young bride.

I have hung lots of portraits and I wish I could tell you what happens in my heart each time I do. It’s a humble privilege.  Moving her bridal portrait and hanging the new family portrait was a visible picture of God’s faithfulness and hope to me. These two meaningful memorials proudly hang in their home and represent the beautiful story that has unfolded over the years.

When I asked Cherie if I could share her story on my blog, she said, without hesitation, “Of course, it’s God’s story, not mine.”


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